Essential Piano Lessons

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If you want to quickly learn how to play the piano then you're in the right place.
Below is a list of videos that take you through the basics covering the layout of the keyboard and ending up with you knowing how to play some common chord progressions. Hope you'll find this useful. Happy Playing!

This video takes you through the keyboard layout. It's really important to realize that the black and white keys are set out as a repeated pattern all the way long the keyboard. The lower pitch notes are to the left and the higher keys are to the right.

It is possible to get quite far learning the piano without knowing what the keys are called but there's always moment where you have to take the time to learn the names of the keys. Why not learn them from the start. This video takes you through the naming of some the keys to get you going. Just remember that there is a musical alphabet running from A-G which starts over again. There is no "H",
There is quite a lot of fun to be had by just using the white notes but before long you will want to use the sharps and flats to either change key or add flavour to what you are playing. This video takes through some of the sharps and flats to get you going.
If you're going to be making your own music then you need to know about triads. If you're going to be reading chords from a book or sheet then you need to know about triads. Triads are the basic three note chords that use the notes 1-3-5 from any 8 note scale. These notes blend together to give us the different harmonies that the melodies flow above and through as we listen to and hear a piece of music. Chord theory can get really complicated but it all starts with the basic triads that occur by stacking alternate keys on the keyboard.
This is a very simple piece of music that uses Triad notes played as arpeggios. An arpeggio is created by playing notes from the Triad one after the other as opposed to all at the same time.

There are ten more sections to this lesson that you can find by following this link to my YouTube Channel . Hopefully you will find them useful.
Happy Playing!

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